Your Monsoon Dog-Care Guide

Rains are here! Along with humans, dogs will adapt too.

Remember how a few months ago it was crazy hot and we were all secretly hoping for it to rain? Now that the rain is here, and looks like it is here to stay for a while, we have new challenges with our dogs.


Monsoon is the party season for a lot of annoying bacterias and insects to affect our dogs.

A preventive tick treatment will be beneficial to ward off any ticks and fleas that may find shelter in your dog’s coat, paws and underarms. There are several ways to avoid ticks, we prefer natural products. A conversation with your regular veterinarian is recommended to decide which one is the right option for your dog.

One of our rescued pups suffered from Parvo at the start of monsoon

Monsoons are busy days at vet clinics who see quite a few patients come in for treatment against parvo and other gastro diseases. It is quite common for dogs to have tummy issues in this season but make sure you are monitoring their poop on a daily basis. I must confess that one of my favourite activities is to take poop samples to a diagnostics lab to test for any possible bacterias or worms. Please ensure your dogs’ vaccinations and deworming are up to date.

You can include appropriate fruits and veggies in their meals to provide adequate fiber to aid digestion.


Monsoon sees changes in both ours and our dogs’ lifestyle. I don’t know about you but if I could I would prefer to be cozy in bed and not do anything all day. The only effort I’m willing to make is to go to the kitchen to make myself a cup of hot coffee.

Dogs might also change their routine and prefer to sleep more. They could drink less water so offer adequate alternatives to keep them hydrated. While you’re at it, you too don’t forget to drink appropriate quantities of water!

Due to wet roads outside, dogs may not be too inclined to go on walks. My youngest dog usually pees on 7-8 different spots during his regular outing. However, in the monsoon he prefers to let it all out on just a car tyre outside the house. It can get awkward if there is a person sitting inside the car so we recommend going for cars without anyone inside.

Dogs are unique and have their own personality. Have your routine according to what your dog feels like doing. Do not force activities on your dog, regardless of the season.

Indoor fun

If your home is a safe space, your dog is probably always chilled out at home. However, they do need to remove the built up energy due to lack of walks in the monsoon. We recommend focussing on two main activities that help dogs - sniffing and chewing.

For sniffing you can play various games such as a treat hunt, use a hanky to make a treat ball or create an enrichment box with different items for your dogs to sniff.

For chewing, you can give your dogs quite a lot of items. Again, we prefer natural items such as sticks and bones. But in case you are unable to provide those, then yakiee chews, water bottles (without the cap and plastic cover), sugarcane, and coconut are also great options. Pet stores will try to sell you thousands of items but your dog is probably going to be fine with the above list.


During the monsoon, your dog’s paws will get wet a lot. This can lead to infections and frequent vet visits. Use a towel to dry the paws and the coat as frequently as required. Due to weather change, your dog might also shed fur and it is recommended to brush your dog every day. Some dogs might require more frequent brushing so make brushing a fun and relaxing activity for both you and your dog.

Kaiser loves puddles on the tekdi

Outdoor fun

Some dogs LOVE the water! If your dog loves the water, the monsoon is a dream for them, a nightmare for us. It can get crazy tiring and somewhat annoying to clean them properly every day but seeing them splash and run joyfully is a sight worth living for!

Come rain or shine, our gang is on the hill wandering about in nature. If you think your dog would enjoy this and would like to walk and explore with us, reach out.

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